No school, lots of free time, and lovely weather. We hope you are lucky enough to be going somewhere this summer? Here are our tips for travel (and because we’re dentists) and our tips are for dental health when you travel, of course.

  1. Pack your toothbrushes together.

For families with small and big kids, this means no toothbrush is forgotten! On camping trips, the bag of toothbrushes can also be a reminder on who hasn’t brushed yet that day/evening. And when you leave the hotel, you can also check that you’ve got everyone’s toothbrush. This is especially important for expensive electric toothbrushes! You can get cute color coded bristle covers to sanitize and keep everyones bristles to themselves!

You can also pack each toothbrush in a reusable ziplock bag to keep it clean then put them all in a larger ziplock storag bag. When you’ve arrived, take out the toothbrush to let it air dry.


  1. Pack floss. This way, there’s no excuse to not floss just because the convenience store is far away or it’s expensive or you can’t find any!


  1. Pack them in the carry on if you’re flying, or in the smaller bag you keep with you inside the car. This way, you can brush on the plane or when you land, or when you have to visit a rest stop when you feel it’s required before you reach your final destination (here’s looking at you piece of lettuce or popcorn shell stuck in the gums that nothing will nudge free except a proper cleaning).

If you forget your toothbrush or lose your bag: You can rinse your mouth vigorously with water to cut down bacteria. You can also “brush” with a washcloth or your clean finger. When you get to a drugstore, always look for a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthrinse with the ADA Seal.


  1. Visit your dentist before you go. A cleaning and sealants can go a long way in protecting your teeth. Sealants are especially important for kids, to shield their teeth from decay when they eat sweets (when you’re not there) or swim in the pool with highly chlorinated water.


  1. Pack your retainers and the retainer case. For those patients that have already gone through orthodontic treatment that want to properly maintain their results, packing retainers is a must. Just make sure you also bring the case so it doesn’t end up in a napkin (and then the trash).

Visiting your orthodontist can also give you peace of mind that everything’s in place. This is an especially smart idea for patients that are about to leave for college and won’t be close to theire orthodontist anymore.


  1. Get your dentist’s number. Many dental emergencies can be resolved over the phone.

In case you need a dentist abroad: Get in touch with the U.S embassy or consulate. They’d know the local dentists, and you avoid shady recommendations.


  1. Pack an ADA-approved pack of gum. Cabin pressure can be nasty, but that’s no excuse for sugar-laden gum!


  1. If in doubt about the quality of the water where you are traveling, brush with bottled water to be safe.


  1. Stick to your normal routine of brushing and flossing! You might be deviating from your typical schedule, staying up later than normal, eating at odd times, and away from a bathroom for prolonged periods of time. Don’t let that interfere with at least your normal morning and nighttime dental care routine!

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