Orthodontic treatment is a special experience. Having treatment can simply be life-changing. Sometimes a person’s lack of self confidence is their smile. People always see your face first, after all. And a great smile can take you places. But we are acutely aware that some people can’t or won’t smile because they are unhappy with how it looks?

This is where orthodontic treatment can help. Kids today are generally quite excited about braces and treatment in general. Some might still complain, but they’ll be thankful someday. Adults really recognize the benefits of orthodontics in fixing their teeth. Many wish they had done it earlier. Our patients tell us all the time how glad they are they chose us to give them the smile of their lifetime. The heartwarming stories of self-confidence restored, improvement in appearance and improvements in the simple acts of talking and chewing put wind in our sails, big time!

Recently, we’ve been seeing more and more family and friends that are thinking of giving the gift of orthodontics for a child, a family member or a dear friend? That’s wonderful!

Here are our tips:

1. Make sure they’re open to it.

Take advantage of our free orthodontic evaluations to find out what is possible and what is involved. Come with them to the evaluation if they are open to it. This will also help you know the orthodontist and their advice on the treatment options and costs.

Don’t surprise someone with it completely out of the blue. The idea of the gift is simply breath taking but you don’t want to upset anyone that isn’t interested at all or isn’t ready to do it just because you think they would benefit from treatment.

2. Confirm the treatment plan with the recipient.

Your recipient needs to be open to it so they can pick the treatment option they want. Talk to them about it. Make sure it’s what they want done. This gives you the chance to be in sync with your recipient’s plans. Maybe you are giving a partial payment and there will still be a financed amount. Timing and financing are very personal for people and it is kind to make sure everything lines up for the recipient.

3. Make the gift.

Present the gift at the holidays. Maybe a check? It doesn’t have to be a real check! It can be a handmade card decorated with the recipient’s name, labeled with “Braces, 2020-2021.” Or something like “Monica’s New Beautiful Smile, coming in 2022!”

Next, bring your loved one for an evaluation with Dr. Ari Thanasas or Dr. AJ Ker. We offer free orthodontic evaluations where we’ll help determine the best course of action for a personalized treatment experience.

Aside from being very practical and useful, orthodontic treatment is a very personal gift that can last a whole lifetime. Please let us know how we can help you in the process of giving one of the most amazing gifts to your friend or family member.

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