Invisalign can be an attractive appliance option for orthodontic treatment for kids and teens because it’s nearly invisible. That’s the top benefit! Another thing our patients love about Invisalign: there are no food restrictions and less problems like pokey wires. But while Invisalign is more accurate and effective than ever, it’s still not for everyone.

So who’s a good fit for Invisalign?

Older teens and adults are great candidates for Invisalign. Every situation is different, but when it comes to age, Invisalign is recommended to people old enough to be able to handle the responsibilities of proper compliance with Invisalign treatment and those that have erupted enough teeth through the gums for a proper aligner fit.

Hallmarks of a patient that would do well with Invisalign:

  • Can wear the Invisalign aligner trays for a minimum of 22 hours every day
  • Can follow through with changing out the aligners on schedule
  • Will not misplace the aligners
  • Can properly insert the aligners while wearing them
  • Has most adult teeth erupted and teeth are a good size to “hold” onto the aligner

Younger kids can lose their Invisalign treatment trays, or be tempted to play around and frequently take off their trays. They might also not keep their schedule of changing out their trays and moving forward. They also rarely have a static set of teeth that isn’t undergoing rapid changes (losing teeth, erupting new ones) which can compromise the fit of the aligners.

It also depends on your orthodontic issues. Invisalign can treat a wide variety of orthodontic problems (and some problems even better than braces).  However, certain problems with tooth eruption or significant discrepancies in the position of the upper and lower jaws can make the likelihood of an excellent outcome less likely. Those types of problems can require more advanced orthodontic equipment.

It helps:

  • Minor underbites, single tooth crossbites (width related issues of the jaws), and overbites
  • Minor open bites (front teeth don’t touch)
  • Crooked or overcrowded teeth that overlap each other
  • Spacing between the teeth
  • Protruding or stray teeth

Your orthodontist can let you know the best and most effective treatment for your orthodontic issues. More and more problems can be fixed with Invisalign each and every year as the materials and software control available to your orthodontist improves the ability to move teeth more and more like braces.

Invisalign is also ideal for:

  • Adults or students who speak in public often: you can remove your trays during a work meeting or a debate competition. But don’t worry, patients get used to the aligners and soon speak with ease. Really!
  • Athletes – you can remove the trays during the game, ideally replaced by a mouthguard. Some of our patients even use their aligners as a mouthguard in lighter contact sports.
  • Busy people – for example, those who travel a lot for work, who may not be able to attend the number of orthodontist visits typically needed with traditional braces

Talk to your orthodontist about your options. See us for your free orthodontic evaluation to discuss your situation with either Dr. AJ or Dr. Ari.

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