Kids with braces are often depressed around Halloween. We usually assure our patients going through their first Halloween with orthodontic appliances installed that they can still eat candy. With exceptions, of course! So, what can you enjoy this Halloween if you have braces? Here are our reminders and tips.

The DON’Ts are fairly easy to remember so let’s start with that.

No biting through large items or sticky, super hard candies allowed.
Think of caramel apples when you think of something that is too large and requires too much shearing effort from the teeth. The good news about caramel apples is that you can still enjoy them. You must just remember to slice your caramel apple into bite size pieces. The thin caramel layer will break too, and make it easier to melt in your mouth. Brushing is required after but you can still indulge in this fun fall treat this way.

Sticky and hard things like jawbreakers, taffy, caramels, chewy candies like starburst, any kind of gum must be avoided.

If it will get stuck in between your teeth and braces, beware!
This means no popcorn, skittles and things like jelly beans. These can pop a bracket loose or pull wires out of brackets. The short term enjoyment of the candy is going to lengthen your orthodontic treatment when things break. Additionally, broken items can become pokey items and cause unplanned for emergency visits to the office. These can be very hard to schedule, especially now during the time of COVID-19.

Braces-friendly treats

Chocolate. Yes, chocolate! You can break off a bite-size chunk, pop it in, and let it melt on your tongue. Dark chocolate, in particular, is a great choice as it is lower in sugar.

Peanut butter cups. Mixed with chocolate or not, peanut butter cups are okay since they’re soft. But avoid actual peanuts or any other nuts mixed in! Hard nuts can pop a bracket off and bend the orthodontic wires. This may cause the wires to work improperly and put your treatment on the wrong path.

Cookies and pastries. Again, choose soft, melt-in-the-mouth goodies. Avoid super hard pie crusts, but you can slice and cut bite-sized pieces of pies and tarts and let the flaky crust melt in your mouth. Again, watch out for the nuts.

Brownies. Special mention because it’s chocolate and it’s awesome. Choose soft brownies, and cut it or break it into bite size pieces.

It’s certainly easier to enjoy Halloween when you don’t have to make an appointment with your orthodontist for an emergency!

As always, clean your teeth after every meal. And swish your mouth with water after eating sugar to help neutralize the acid.

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