The Tooth Fairy just feels like one of the best traditions we have with our kids. Why? Santa certainly brings excitement and makes you want to be good, Halloween fosters creativity and wonder, but the Tooth Fairy makes a new, and sometimes painful, experience a magical one.  And, children’s belief in the Tooth Fairy seems to help kids take care of their teeth!  

Feb 28 is National Tooth Fairy Day! Start a Toothcare Mission Calendar Countdown!

Plan something special on Feb 28. Perhaps a little party with a fairy themed cake. Cakes melt in the mouth and are fairly teeth-friendly and Tooth Fairy-approved. 

In the meantime, the countdown can be a calendar with daily Toothcare Missions. Completing these missions will make the Tooth Fairy attend the party (and leave a gift behind once everyone’s asleep, of course!).  

Have fun thinking of the Toothcare Missions. Brushing twice a day for two minutes every time is an everyday mission. Perhaps picking out a new toothbrush is another mission on another day. Picking floss and toothpaste, too.  

Eating fish (salmon), leafy green veggies (spinach, arugula, kale, and so on) and fruits rich in vitamins that help with dental health can also be missions with their own days.  

Drinking more water and swishing whenever you eat to help rinse the teeth is another good Toothcare Mission.  

Feel free to repeat these missions to start habits, come up with your own and share your ideas on our social media channels to create community engagement 

Here are Some Year-Round Tooth Fairy Ideas

Create a congratulatory letter from the Tooth Fairy after dental visits. “Wow, you went to the dentist! I love it! I’m sure you’ll be one of my best suppliers of good teeth! See you on Tooth Fairy Day! I’ll check your teeth then!”  

When your child’s first tooth wiggling happens, you might receive an order form from the Tooth Fairy. “One tooth, please!” Isn’t it a coincidence that your child has one almost ready for the order? 

Once the tooth has been successfully delivered, the Tooth Fairy can also send a receipt. Positive reinforcement is everything! Let the tooth fairy tell your little one what a great job they’ve been doing keeping their teeth and gums healthy. “I can tell you brush daily! Well done, and thank you for the healthy tooth! I’ll come back for more! You’re one of my top tooth suppliers!” Adorable and fun. 

Download this fun receipt to congratulate your child when they lose a tooth. They’ll feel extra special and will have a memento to remember each milestone in their dental development. 

You can download our Tooth Receipts here.  

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