There are many reasons why a child should see an orthodontist but a common misperception is that younger children with baby teeth would not benefit from seeing an orthodontist. Orthodontists are trained experts in growth and development of teeth and jaws and can help evaluate how the mouth is growing and can even help to prevent a problem before it happens or before it becomes a major ordeal. Some reasons for early interceptive treatment might include open bites, cross bites, crowding, spacing, and even early loss of baby teeth or missing teeth.

By age seven, your pediatric dentist will have enough information about your child’s oral structure to know whether or not he or she could benefit from seeing an orthodontist. Our dentists are trained to identify bite and tooth development issues at an early age and are equipped to answer many other concerns parents may have concerning their child’s teeth and facial growth.


As stated, there are many benefits of early intervention by an orthodontist. There are very clear guidelines for orthodontic intervention when children do not have all of their permanent teeth present and our orthodontists take pride in clear and concise explanation of these developmental problems when they occur. Our orthodontists will help make sure that your child’s permanent teeth will develop in their best possible way while correcting bite problems when appropriate. Cosmetic and social (teasing) reasons are often why parents request information concerning early orthodontic appointments, and we are equipped to help with these concerns too.

Even if it turns out that your child doesn’t need orthodontic care immediately, starting the conversation early can allow you to plan for the future if it is determined that any amount of orthodontic treatment would be beneficial. With the ever-changing world of insurance benefits and new modalities such as flexible health savings accounts, just having a plan for the future can be invaluable for your family financial planning. If however, a first interventional phase of orthodontic treatment is required, the second phase of orthodontic treatment is usually less expensive, less difficult, and requires less time and would be appropriate once all or most of the permanent teeth are in place.

If you have any other questions concerning this issue, please feel free to discuss with one of our pediatric dentists or schedule a consultation with one of our orthodontists, Dr. AJ Ker or Dr. Ari Thanasas. We would be happy to help you.

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