Have You Ever Wondered Why So Many People Need Braces?

Have You Ever Wondered Why So Many People Need Braces?

Pretty much everyone sees the allure of beautifully straight teeth and a healthy bite. While we are fortunate to have excellent technology and knowledge of how to use it to straighten teeth today, have you ever wondered why so many people have crooked teeth or bite problems? Straight teeth look great and they are also healthier as they simplify our overall oral care. So, why aren’t we all born with beautiful, straight teeth? There are some theories on why this is the case.

One belief is that our modern diet is part of the reason why our teeth are crooked. The modern human jaw doesn’t always have enough room to fit all the teeth we have. Some believe that as humans evolved and began growing their own food and raising animals, the way they used their teeth changed. Archeologists have noticed that before times of agriculture, jawbones and teeth showed significantly more wear and tear, but very little crowding. Our jaws became smaller over time because the strength required to chew processed food is much littler. However, the number of teeth we had stayed the same, causing the crowding we see today. Some archeologists found that the shape of the upper jaw was significantly different between hunter-gatherers and farmers, believing that the introduction of softer foods may have protected those with shorter, weaker jaws, with the side effect of overcrowding of teeth.

Of course, there are environmental reasons for crooked teeth or bad bites aside from genetic causes. These things may include tooth injury, not wearing protective devices like mouth guards during sports, premature baby or adult tooth loss, and even aggressive habits, like thumb sucking. But whatever the reason for crooked or crowded teeth, luckily, we have a remedy for it. Orthodontists can use braces, retainers, or clear aligners to fix these problems. Your orthodontist can help you make the right decision on what would be the best solution for you or your children if you are one of the many that face this problem. Please don’t hesitate to talk to us about crooked teeth, overcrowding, or bad bites as we have two highly experienced, board certified orthodontists in our practice that love to help patients achieve the smiles of their dreams!

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