Sparkling water is carbonated to achieve that fizz you love, and carbonated drinks have more acid than water. But sparkling water is safe to consume in normal volumes. Acid in large quantities can be bad for your teeth but rest assured that sparkling water is always a better option in comparison to sugary drinks.

If you love sparkling water, feel free to keep drinking and enjoying it. According to the ADA, sparkling water is fine for teeth in general. Research has found that sparkling water had the same effect on teeth as tap water, in moderation.

The benefits of sparkling water

Sparkling water has been very helpful to people who are trying to quit consuming sugary drinks. The fizz is enough to mimic carbonation in popular soft drinks that can rot your teeth and set your blood glucose levels crazy.

It also keeps things more interesting. We all know kids are always looking for something a bit more exciting than water to drink. Juice, soda and Gatorade are very dangerous to dental health so having your kids enjoy safer, sparkling water will hopefully satisfy their desire for “something not as boring as water.”

But be sure to drink plenty of fluoridated water, too. It’s the best drink for dental health.

Be careful about additions in your sparkling water.

Citrus and other fruit flavors are common for that refreshing tang, but keep in mind that certain fruits also mean more acid. Drink these higher acid content sparkling waters with meals. Don’t sip them like water over extended periods of time. The higher acid content can erode tooth enamel and each exposure (sip) leads to a lowering of mouth pH which can cause erosion of enamel and weaker teeth.

Added sugar should automatically remove brands of sparkling water from your shopping list. It’s no longer sparkling water when sugar is added to it. It’s just like any other sweetened beverage you and your family would be better to do without.

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