Summer vacation has begun, and your family’s calendar is probably already packed with exciting activities, parties, and travels. But don’t forget to maintain those hard earned oral hygiene habits to keep your children despite all the interruptions to your normal schedule. 

Continuing to teach your children about dental health is one of the smartest things you can do over summer break. This summer, try these three tips to ensure healthy back-to-school smiles. 

Brush Your Teeth Together

Children learn best by watching their parents.  If you’re traveling or camping, you may be sharing a bathroom you normally don’t share with your kids. Never underestimate the impact that watching you brush and floss your teeth has on your children. 

When your children understand that dental hygiene is a necessity for everyone, they will be more accepting of it. 

We know from experience that many children benefit from the use of props like timers or brushing along with their favorite song.  Children eventually develop the habit of cleaning their teeth for at least two minutes. Most people only brush for approximately 30 seconds if they don’t have something to keep track of the time! 

Make Brushing Fun

Some children dislike brushing and flossing due to the flavor or texture of the products they use. Allow your child to choose products that he or she enjoys, such as bubblegum-flavored toothpaste, a battery-powered toothbrush, or mouthwash with their favorite cartoon characters printed on the bottle.  Dr. AJ’s son loves wild watermelon fluoride mouthrinse and looks forward to brushing his teeth so he gets to use that afterward! 

You might even start up a pleasant rivalry among siblings or between your child and yourself. Making brushing a game is one of the most effective strategies to help children practice good dental hygiene. 

Get Backup

Regular checkups with the dentist provide an excellent opportunity for both you and your child to improve your oral hygiene and reinforce good oral hygiene behavior. Give us a call to get your child on our schedule today!