The Tooth Fairy is one of the most charming and fun traditions we have for our children. It’s fun to get money in exchange for your baby teeth as they fall out. Remember, making something that can possibly be upsetting (changes to children’s body) a fun experience can make it easier to deal with.

Even better, this can be your chance to establish good dental hygiene habits with the help of the Tooth Fairy.

Tell the Kids the Tooth Fairy Wants Healthy Teeth

You can prep, decorate, and leave them a letter from the Tooth Fairy congratulating them on their first dental visit! “I hear you went to the dentist. I can tell you’ll be giving me good teeth. Well done!” So cute!

Depending on your child’s age, you can read it to them, or let them read and keep this note as a reminder to brush and floss! Try out the suggestion that “teeth without cavities or fillings are worth more!”

Prepare Tooth Fairy Orders

When your child’s first tooth wiggling happens, you might receive an order from the Tooth Fairy from the post. “One tooth, please!” Isn’t it a coincidence that your child has one almost ready for the order?

Download Our Official Tooth Fairy Collection Receipt

Once the tooth has been successfully delivered, the Tooth Fairy can also send a receipt. Positive reinforcement is everything! Let the tooth fairy tell your little one what a great job they’ve been doing keeping their teeth and gums healthy. “I can tell you brush daily! Well done, and thank you for the healthy tooth! I’ll come back for more! You’re one of my top tooth suppliers!” Adorable and fun.

Download this fun receipt to congratulate your child when they lose a tooth. They’ll feel extra special and will have a memento to remember each milestone in their dental development.

A Tooth Diary

You and your kids can pick out a blank little notebook to become the tooth diary. The tooth diary is a very important record the Tooth Fairy checks, to see if the kids brush every day.

Each page can have 7 squares for the mornings and 7 mornings for bedtimes, and each should get a sticker or checkmark in a favorite marker color to show the fairy that teeth were brushed twice a day!

This tooth diary can also hold the dates and record of Tooth Fairy tooth retrievals and payments!

We love to make dental care and prevention fun as children tend to really respond to these types of rewards and concepts. We hope something fun like this happens in your house with your children. Don’t forget to post your experiences on our social media channels for others to enjoy and be inspired to try out!

Enter Our Tooth Fairy Raffle For Red Wings Tickets

Our patients take such great care of their teeth and gums and the tooth fairy celebrates that. In exchange, we’re celebrating National Tooth Fairy Day with a raffle for Red Wings tickets!

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