It’s 2019 and technology has stormed the orthodontic profession in a profound way. While the tried-and-true orthodontic treatment with braces and wires is not going away anytime soon, digital technologies of oral scanning and software manipulation of plastic have allowed for amazing tooth movement abilities with alternatives such as clear aligners.

When we have a patient that is a great candidate for orthodontic treatment using clear aligners, our doctors have chosen to partner exclusively with Invisalign. It’s a myth that all brands of clear aligners work the same. For the best predictable outcomes, we can depend on Invisalign SmartTrack technology, and innovations like the SmartForce attachments and the experience of doctors like our that have combined to treat over 6 million smiles using Invisalign plastic and software control.

Simply put, there is no alternative to achieving excellent orthodontic care than an experienced doctor programming and controlling a superior product. There’s magic in that combination that cannot be found in any other clear aligner solution.

Invisalign Technology

Invisalign SmartTrack has a 75% predictability and is 50% faster in straightening teeth. This means that when a doctor asks for a tooth movement, he gets roughly 75% of what he asks for and treatment time can be cut in half.

But wait, we don’t want 75% results. We want 100%. That’s the secret. The doctor programming the shape of the aligners, the speed of certain tooth movements, necessary over-corrections and communication with the patient about their at home schedule and behaviors that will promote success.

The only way to get 100% results is going with experienced doctors that provide a lot of clear aligner therapy with the best clear aligner on planet Earth.

SmartTrack is already well known for making Invisalign clear aligners more comfortable and easier to put on and take off. Similar to the space age wires used in traditional braces, SmartTrack aligners apply gentle, constant force to encourage teeth alignment and movement.

Invisalign SmartForce makes it possible for your orthodontist to create complex tooth movements without braces. Plastic aligners alone are essentially a retainer. They don’t really have a way to grab, twist, torque, push or pull teeth without something to grab onto. Our doctors use special software to design, shape, and place tiny tooth colored attachments on your teeth to assist in appropriate and predictable tooth movement. They are attached to your teeth during your Invisalign treatment. You truly cannot have success without these custom designed aspects of clear aligner treatment.

Invisalign clear aligners fit tightly and smoothly around SmartForce attachments, and gently push your teeth into place that way.


More patients can now benefit from Invisalign

It can be difficult for kids and teens to be told they need braces. Most teens want their teeth fixed, but don’t want the hassle of wearing braces. Invisalign and the SmartForce technology now makes the Invisalign system a possible treatment option, even for kids who need teeth movement.

Our doctors love what they do and it shows. Come meet with us to see how enthusiastic we are about providing amazing and patient friendly solutions for your search for the smile of a lifetime.

Talk to us about improving your smile with Invisalign.

And, don’t forget, we see both children and adults of all ages in our orthodontic clinic. Parents and children come to their appointments together ALL THE TIME.

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