Our Orthodontists, Drs. Thanasas and Ker, and our highly skilled and experienced team are proud to have been part of the community providing orthodontic services including traditional braces, Invisalign, and Invisalign teen (Invisalign aligners are the clear alternative to metal braces which are virtually undetectable) to pediatric, adolescent, and adult patients since 1968.

Our doctors are board certified, are active members of local and national dental societies, and actively pursue continuing education opportunities every year to keep up to date on the cutting edge developments in orthodontic care to make treatment simpler, faster, more comfortable and more predictable.  Our orthodontists have a special advantage working so closely with pediatric dentists because the collaboration between the dental specialists allows for more appropriate treatment timing, coordinated appointments, and familiarity with the office, so patients feel more comfortable and less appointments are needed to receive optimal care. We know how valuable your time is.

Our professionals will be able to tell you when you or your child should have an orthodontic screening or an optimal time to start treatment. It is never too late for a person to get braces or Invisalign treatment to boost self-image, properly align the teeth and jaws, or intercept or prevent other dental or health problems. Our orthodontists will also advise you on care and prevention, retention, and appliance choices to get the job done. They will discuss such topics as the correct way to brush and floss/waterpik, the use of mouthwash, fluoride, and removable appliances such as retainers or expanders. Retainers are special appliances made by our orthodontist that will help keep your smile perfect!

Our orthodontists have spent years assembling a team of professionals in this community that can help with patients that are candidates for orthognathic surgery. When orthodontic treatment alone isn’t enough to fix the problem, rest assured that your orthodontist in our office will serve as the quarterback leading the team down the field to a successful experience.

Our Orthodontists aim to provide a special experience in orthodontic care from the very first visit until the day treatment is completed. For more information on these topics, click on the following links:


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