Traditional Braces Treatment

Our EmpowerTM brackets are made in the USA.  They utilize (sliding-door) technology known as “self-ligation” that allows the wire to slide back and forth within the bracket with ease and efficiency. No elastic or steel ties are required with self ligating brackets but these brackets can still be decorated with colors if the patient desires, though. This technology creates less friction and results in greater comfort, simpler appointments, better oral hygiene, and the possibility of faster treatment times for the patient.

Our EmpowerTM braces are available in traditional metal appearance and a tooth colored porcelain appearance.

Invisalign – Clear Plastic Aligner Treatment

The Invisalign System is a series of clear trays – called aligners – that have been generated or “bent” by our orthodontists through use of sophisticated CAD/CAM software manipulation to gradually move the teeth. Invisalign is available to adult and teen patients for many orthodontic problems.

There can be many advantages to using clear aligners to straighten teeth including no diet restrictions, more cosmetic appearance while wearing them, less discomfort and lower risk of emergency (broken appliance) and less visits to the orthodontist because we know how busy you are!

Ask us if you are a candidate to wear clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth.

Overbite Correction – Forsus Growth Modification Treatment

One of the most common problems orthodontists treat is the large overbite, commonly referred to as “buck teeth” or a weak lower jaw.  Ordinarily, when we see a patient with the upper teeth protruding, we tend to think that the upper jaw and teeth are too far forward; but, more often than not, this condition is due to a lower jaw that is too small.

Therefore, the best correction for overbite problems is usually to encourage the lower jaw to catch up in growth at the exact right time in the puberty growth cycle.  The Forsus or MARA appliances can efficiently and simply help this happen with little to no cooperation or responsibility from the patient.

Our orthodontists have mastered this technique to virtually eliminate jaw surgery needs for many of our patients when we are able to use the patients natural growth spurt to enhance growth.

This fixed-in-place appliance is a favorite of our patients – it takes away the need to wear rubber bands and it is actually very cosmetic, hiding behind the lips and cheeks.  It is also extremely efficient, correcting problems often in half the time it would take for rubber bands.

So, if you hear another orthodontist recommend the dreaded “headgear” or surgery for your child, give us a call as we can often use one of these amazing, patient friendly appliances as the best solution to the problem.

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