Digital Imaging

Digital Photography

We are proud to utilize the latest technology available to ensure our patients enjoy the best results. We use high-resolution digital photography to capture detailed images of your mouth, thus enabling us to maintain sharp, accurate records and keep you thoroughly informed of your treatment progress. We use this objective technique to measure health outcomes such as plaque and gingivitis in our pediatric dentistry department while our orthodontists use photography for a variety of reasons including before and after comparisons. We can also use it for cosmetic concerns our patients may have, such as tooth whitening. The use of digital photography in our practice is an indispensable tool which allows us to communicate thoroughly with our patients as well as pass information on accurately to any additional health professionals involved in your care.

Digital Radiography (x-rays)

We exclusively use digital dental radiographs. If you’re wondering what digital radiographs might mean for you and your child, check out the following facts about digital dental radiographs below:

  • Instead of using film to produce physical prints of teeth, digital radiographs make use of special sensors that reduce the use of radiation required to see the teeth properly
  • Use of digital radiography, provides you with the latest technology available, therefore providing you with the highest quality of care
  • Production time is significantly cut with the use of digital x-rays, as the need for producing actual film copies of the x-rays is eliminated
  • Immediate feedback for the patient, as the pictures we take can be viewed instatntly after shooting
  • It is environmentally friendly, as we no longer need any chemicals to process the film after it is exposed, allowing us to be environmentally responsible
  • Increased image quality and flexibility due to integration with imaging software
  • Easy-to-read, magnified results making abnormalities much clearer for doctors to spot and for patients and parents to see, allowing immediate visuals leading to faster diagnosis
  • Images can be enhanced to assist in making precise diagnosis, allowing us to provide timely treatment
  • We have the ability to obtain x-rays of teeth in patients that may have special care needs that wouldn’t allow for radiographs in the past



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