Orthodontic Emergencies


If you or your child is IN PAIN related to a broken brace, wire, or if an injury to the face, teeth, or jaw occurs, we would like to know about it immediately. Please call the office at 586-286-0700 as soon as you can to alert us of the problem. During off business hours, a dentist will be available through an answering service for these types of problems.

Please keep in mind that certain things, like our blue separators or adjustments to the braces, can cause some discomfort. Usually, Tylenol or motrin will be adequate to make the discomfort tolerable or even resolve it completely.

If there is a problem with the braces but NO PAIN OR DISCOMFORT is being experienced by the patient, please call the office during normal business hours to set up an appointment for us to fix the problem. A longer appointment may be needed to properly repair the issue. If a patient presents for a regular orthodontic visit and a repair to the set of braces is needed, we may have to reschedule the appointment to a time that allows us to adequately treat the issue. We prefer to schedule the repair of broken braces in the morning or early afternoon so that the problem can be appropriately and completely corrected to prevent additional visits from being necessary.

Lastly, we understand that accidents happen and orthodontic “emergencies” can occur throughout treatment. However, for the most part, breakage of wires and braces is related to poor food choices or inappropriate use of the teeth (chewing pens, nails, or mouthguards, for example). Therefore, if orthodontic emergencies occur on a regular basis, we reserve the right to charge a fee for “emergency” repairs.



Rinse the mouth vigorously with warm water to clean out debris. Use dental floss to remove any food that might be trapped between teeth. If swelling is present, place cold compresses on the outside of the cheek. (Do not use heat or place aspirin on the aching tooth or gum tissues.) Contact our office as soon as possible.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If the tooth is dirty, rinse it gently in running water. Do not scrub it. Gently insert and hold the tooth in its socket. If this is not possible, place the tooth in a container of milk or cool water. Contact our office immediately. (Treatment needs to be done within 30 minutes, if possible). Don’t forget to bring the tooth.

Broken Tooth

Gently clean dirt or debris from the injured area with warm water. Place cold compresses on the face, in the area of the injured tooth, to minimize swelling. Contact our office immediately.

Bitten Tongue or Lip

Apply direct pressure to the bleeding area with a clean cloth. If swelling is present, apply cold compresses. If bleeding does not stop, go to a hospital emergency room.

Objects Wedged Between Teeth

Try to remove the object with dental floss. Guide the floss carefully to avoid cutting the gums. If not successful in removing the object, contact our office . Do not try to remove the object with a sharp or pointed instrument.

Possible Fractured Jaw

Immobilize the jaw by any means (handkerchief, necktie, towel). If swelling is present, apply cold compresses. Contact our office or go immediately to a hospital emergency room.

24 Hour Emergency Care

Because we are concerned about your child’s dental health, we have a dentist on call after hours seven days a week. Should you need emergency care, and you are a patient of record, just call 586-286-0700 & you will be directed as to how to reach our doctor on call.

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