Spring and Summer Dental Protection = Mouthguards

Spring is finally here, with summer soon following. Sports and other outdoor activities can spell a lot of trouble for kids’ teeth if they’re not protected. That’s where mouthguards come in. Dr. Elizabeth said, “Mouthguards don’t just protect kids from [...]

Make Your Summer Appointments Now

Summer and winter break are perfect for your kids’ dental appointments. We can examine, protect, and restore their teeth before they go back to school. They can enjoy the summer with clean teeth, with dental sealants that will protect their [...]

Waterpik vs Floss – Which is Better?

Water flossing isn’t new. It was introduced in 1962. Since then more and more water flossers have come into the marketplace with new features that have improved their efficacy and convenience. While they will never be as portable as traditional [...]

Calcium is Crucial for Dental Health – How to Get it Without Dairy

Calcium is crucial for dental health and children’s physical growth. The best source of calcium is dairy. Milk, cheese, yogurt. Unfortunately, many kids and adults alike are lactose-intolerant, making dairy a problematic source for calcium intake. Lactose intolerance can be [...]

Chipped Tooth! What Are Your Options?

Most mouth injuries should be examined by your pediatric dentist right away. Teeth need to be examined for hairline cracks, the mouth needs to be examined for fractures to the bones, and soft tissues need to be examined to assure [...]

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