Back to School Lunch Ideas From Your Child’s Dentist

Now that everyone is headed back to school, parents and caregivers everywhere are scrambling to come up with healthy, kid-friendly school lunches. Whether you know it or not, the types of foods you’re packing in your child’s lunchbox can also [...]

Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

National Tooth Fairy Day was August 22, 2021. Like a lot of families across Michigan, your nighttime tooth fairy routine probably involves tucking a tooth under a pillow. There are many interesting tooth loss traditions around the world. For instance, [...]

Adult Orthodontics: It’s Not Too Late!

At Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan, our orthodontists do see more than “just” kids! Our board-certified orthodontists love to offer orthodontic services to adults, too. With everything available under one roof, it can be convenient for your family [...]

Tips to Survive Tooth Eruption and Teething

It is a wonderful thing to welcome your precious baby into the world. But, with all good things come some realities too. Babies will be fussy from time to time (and sometimes a lot). There are a lot of causes [...]

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