Brush Up on Your Child’s Back-to-School Routine Basics

Now that the kids have started back to school, families are figuring out how to best navigate their new morning and evening routines. Class projects, meal times that work around after-school practices, wake up times required to get out the [...]

Help! My Kid Has a Toothache!

Children can communicate that they have a toothache in a variety of ways. For example, your child may avoid eating solid foods, object to tooth brushing, have difficulties sleeping, pull at their ears, or fuss and cry.   Children's toothaches can [...]

Do Teeth Straighten Out as They Grow?

As your child’s permanent (adult) teeth start to push their way in, you might notice that they look crowded or crooked compared to their baby (primary) teeth. It doesn’t seem too surprising that this is the case as many adult [...]

Don’t Lose Your Retainer! Tips from Orthodontists AND Parents

Orthodontic retainers preserve the time and monetary investment that was made to achieve your smile of a lifetime or the smile of your children’s future. Without retainers, teeth tend to drift back out of alignment and relapse into previous positions.  [...]

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