Don’t Forget Dental Safety for Spring and Summer Sports

Did you know that the summer months are one of the most common times to see dental emergencies in children? One of the biggest reasons why is because kids are involved in activities like swimming (slippery surfaces), soccer (bumps and [...]

Masking Policies

Dear Patient and Parents, On Thursday May 13, the CDC updated guidance for unmasking of vaccinated persons in public settings.  On Saturday May 15, Michigan lifted the mask requirements for most indoor and outdoor settings for fully vaccinated residents.  The [...]

Choose the Right Snacks to Keep Kids Teeth Healthy?

With kids at home all the time, they also seem to be eating all the time. Your pantry’s stash of snacks are always dangerously low and the kids just seem to keep eating. We know, we’ve been there too.   While convenient [...]

What Causes Sensitive Teeth in Kids?

It might not be a stretch to say that every person has experienced the occasional tooth sensitivity at one point or another, whether it’s from fervently biting into your ice cream bar or using a few too many whitening strips before your next big event.  Whatever the cause, it’s [...]

Make Retainers Last Longer With These Tips

Keeping your teeth in perfect alignment requires some smart decisions and continued execution once orthodontic treatment is complete.  We’re here to make sure you know the important basics of proper retainer care to increase the longevity of your retainer and [...]

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