Keep Teeth Healthy This Halloween

Halloween may be a little bit different this year, but you’ll probably still have some candy and treats around the house. Let’s refresh our memory on the best and worst treats for dental health. As a rule of thumb, if [...]

Braces and Halloween Candy

Kids with braces are often depressed around Halloween. We usually assure our patients going through their first Halloween with orthodontic appliances installed that they can still eat candy. With exceptions, of course! So, what can you enjoy this Halloween if [...]

DIY Orthodontics are Tempting, But DON’T Budge

Young adults are particularly vulnerable to the marketing machine being deployed by DIY orthodontics companies. Not every adult is willing to wear braces. This is when the marketing of the DIY aligner trays can be dangerously enticing. However, tooth movement [...]

It’s Mouthguard Season – Sort of…

Sports give our kids something to get up for in the mornings. The highest risk of mouth injury comes during participation in basketball, football, hockey, martial arts, and boxing. While many sports are not operating at full capacity during the [...]

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