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Dental Restoration: What Happens During Fillings

Kids and adults alike get relief from wear and tear on the teeth through dental restorations. Dental fillings may be needed because a tooth has decay (a cavity), is cracked or broken teeth, is teeth worn down by bruxism (grinding), [...]

Winning The War Against Junk Food

We have several tips on winning against junk food. Junk food can have negative consequences for your general health. Most junk food begins its assault as soon as it enters the mouth. Kids are particularly susceptible due to the nature [...]

How we Find and Diagnose a Cracked Tooth

Cracked tooth syndrome, or a fractured tooth, is prevalent and a challenge to dentists because it can be very hard for a patient and even the dentist to see or find. We always consider it as a possibility when a [...]

Dental Cavities: 101

Kids are often scared of the dentist because they are experiencing something they don’t fully understand and they don’t want to get bad news that they have a cavity. Because dental caries remains the most prevalent childhood illness, unfortunately we [...]

Kids Ask: Which is better: Invisalign or Ceramic Braces?

It’s not just adults asking for more cosmetic options for tooth straightening anymore. Teens and even some of our even younger patients are interested in the best “technology” to straighten their teeth. The two most popular options for straightening the [...]

What Are Your Child’s Snack Options At School?

Let’s take a look at children’s food options at school. Young children are often beholden to what they offer at the school but these snacks are typically very healthy. Choices become much more variable for older children when cafeteria lunches [...]

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