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Your New Best Friend… Cheese!

Are you a cheese family? If not, try it! It’s delicious, nutritious, and teeth friendly, especially for young baby teeth!  Cheese is chewy, sour, sweet, crumbly and creamy -- sometimes all at once. Start your kids early on cheese and [...]

How to Make Brushing FUN!

We celebrate all the milestones in our children’s development. Learning to walk, graduating from Velcro to tied laces or riding a school bus - there is so much to be excited about. Similarly, we encourage all parents to also ‘make [...]

Signs Your Child Should Definitely Visit the Dentist

What symptoms are surefire reasons you should bring your child to the dentist? Parents and children are so busy today and it’s common that they ask us if they should visit ASAP, set an appointment, or wait until something else [...]

Suprising Treats That Dentists See as Enemies

Not all candies are the same. In fact, we like chocolate! It melts, it’s gone in a second, and if it’s dark chocolate, it’s got other benefits for growing kids and adults alike!   But if you ask us to [...]

Chewing Gum and Cavities

Chewing gum is not always looked upon as the most charming habit but the activity can also be beneficial. While it can definitely be annoying to watch or listen to someone else loudly chomping on their gum, there may be [...]

Summer, Swimming, and Booking Your Child’s Dental Visit

Our schedules fill up fast in the summer. No school means kids can attend appointments for dental treatment done without missing time at school. That’s a big deal for kids and parents! Book your appointments now to get ahead of [...]

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