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Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment as an Adult in our Practice

Orthodontic treatment isn’t just for kids and teens and our orthodontists love our adult patients for their uniqueness and interesting personalities. Many adults think and dream of orthodontic treatment but are indecisive about taking the plunge and starting treatment. Some [...]

When to Expect Baby Tooth Eruption

When will your baby start to get his or her first teeth? And when will those baby teeth start to get replaced by permanent teeth? Check out the chart below to see a timeline for your child’s dental development. Primary [...]

The “2 Minutes, Twice a Day” Campaign

That’s how long and how many times your kids should brush: Two minutes. Twice a day! has videos to help your child brush the recommended 2 minutes each time – it can be fun to play the video for [...]

50% Off Sealants for National Children’s Dental Health Month

In celebration of National Children’s Dental Health Month this February, we’re offering dental sealants at 50% off! Dental sealants help so much in keeping your child’s teeth healthy. Growing kids like to try new foods and new experiences all the [...]

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