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A Child’s Dental Health Starts During Mom’s Pregnancy

We’re sure many of you have either experienced or heard stories of mom’s dental health being effected by their pregnancies. Is that just from some of mom’s calcium being redirected to the baby? Is it something pregnant women just have [...]

Top Myths About Orthodontics

Many of our orthodontics patients and parents of patients tell us when they begin learning more about orthodontic care and proper growth and development that they are surprised by some of the things they hear. Reasons for treatment, timing and [...]

Is Sparkling Water Bad For Teeth?

Sparkling water is carbonated to achieve that fizz you love, and carbonated drinks have more acid than water. But sparkling water is safe to consume in normal volumes. Acid in large quantities can be bad for your teeth but rest [...]

Our Top 5 Tips for Caring for Baby Teeth

Baby teeth first appear in your child’s mouth around 6 months of age, and the last of them typically fall out around 12 years old. Because they are around for many years, it’s important to maintain their health and function. [...]

How to Help Your Teen Maintain Proper Dental Health

Teens are more independent and their schedules are typically jam packed with school, sports and social activities. Parents tell us all the time how much harder it is to keep track of their kids hygiene and activities of daily living [...]


To our beloved patients and their families, We are finishing up our 4th week of providing pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services in the time of COVID-19. We want to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to all our [...]

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