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Fast Facts on Interceptive Orthodontics

Interceptive orthodontics, also known as phase I orthodontics, essentially refers to any situation where growth, development, or eruption of teeth is far enough outside of the normal limits that some amount of interventional orthodontics is required to reestablish a normal [...]

Dental Sealants Seal Out Tooth Decay

Sealing out decay with dental sealants is a terrific way to ensure your child doesn’t suffer a toothache. Kids can often neglect brushing their molars as they are harder to see and more challenging to brush with all of the [...]

Tooth Avulsion First Aid: Act Fast, Stay Calm

Unfortunately, kids getting a tooth knocked out (avulsion) is relatively common. First aid and knowing what to do in the heat of a moment often means the difference between saving the tooth or losing it. Avulsion is more common among [...]

Five Truths About Breastfeeding and Your Baby’s Dental Health

Does breastfeeding cause tooth decay in babies and toddlers? Does nursing affect mothers’ teeth? Mother’s oral health changes during pregnancy is another topic entirely, but it’s closely connected to baby. Here are the truths about breastfeeding and your baby’s dental [...]

Goodbye Goop – The Benefits of Digital Impressions

A digital impression scanner, also known in our office as “the iTero,” makes everyone’s job easier and the patient more comfortable. Ask any kid or teenager about the second worst part of their orthodontics experience and chances are he or [...]

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