General Health Issues Associated with Dental Problems

Having good dental health is a great way to help maintain overall body health. After all, anyone who has had a toothache can tell you that you can’t eat properly when your mouth hurts! But more than strong gums and [...]

Which Should Come First, the Brush or the Floss?

Actually, either way is fine but there is a bit of logic for each dental hygiene battle rhythm! But, in general, we’re just happy when you floss and your teeth are clean. It’s really up to you and your child. [...]

3D Printing Benefits in Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry

3D printing in orthodontics saves so much time and effort for parents and kids with braces, Invisalign treatment and retainers. Our clinic is proud to offer an iTero scanner as a solution for impressionless dentistry and orthodontic treatment. Our orthodontic [...]

How to Create the Routine of Good Oral Hygiene

It is incredibly important for children to have a routine of brushing and caring for their mouths as early in life as possible. The rationale is that if kids simply grow up with a daily routine, they get used to [...]

Why Two-Phase Orthodontics Might Be Best For Your Child

Baby teeth can be problematic, but gaps and crooked little teeth can look adorable, and parents don’t think much of them because they’re just going to fall out. Unfortunately, this mindset is what often leads to longer, more extensive treatment [...]

Dental Problems Your Kids Should Never Hide

Kids can be vocal about wounds and scrapes (they'll tell you they have phantom boo-boos to get a band aid) but they hardly ever speak up about toothaches, or anything in their mouth that is painful.  We make it a [...]

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