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Teeth Facts and FAQs Parents Might be Wondering

We all love a picture of a giggling baby with an open mouth and no teeth to show. There may not be anything cuter. But, many parents are surprised to find out that babies are actually born with teeth. They’re [...]

Our Doctors Perform ALL Consultations Themselves

The entire team at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan pride ourselves in our personal approach to dental and orthodontic care. For both “sides” of our office, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, we make a point to provide personal consultations [...]

Our Tooth-Friendly Ideas for Summer Parties

Block parties and summer gatherings can make it difficult to maintain optimal dental health for our children. It’s the season of chips, barbeque sauce, popsicles and smores. While we’re certainly not trying to be party poopers, we do have some [...]

Why We Partner With Invisalign

It’s 2019 and technology has stormed the orthodontic profession in a profound way. While the tried-and-true orthodontic treatment with braces and wires is not going away anytime soon, digital technologies of oral scanning and software manipulation of plastic have allowed [...]

Eating right helps your teeth and gums, too!

Not surprisingly, the food we eat can have a positive or negative effect on our dental health — and not just in the way they stick to teeth, or how sugary or acidic they can be. Kids need to grow [...]

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