Tips to Survive Tooth Eruption and Teething

It is a wonderful thing to welcome your precious baby into the world. But, with all good things come some realities too. Babies will be fussy from time to time (and sometimes a lot). There are a lot of causes [...]

Sparkling Water—Friend or Foe?

If you’re looking for simple and healthy ways to help your family find alternatives to pop or soda-type drinks, you may be wondering, “is sparkling water safer for my teeth?”  Sparkling water is essentially carbonated water. And as we all [...]

Don’t Lie About Brushing and Flossing Habits

It can be tempting to try to cover up for the lapse in flossing or brushing at home. Especially if your child doesn’t like to brush their teeth or never lets you help them. Although your child or teen might feel tempted [...]

Are Cavities Preventable?

In the majority of situations, tooth decay is completely preventable.   Cavities are a byproduct of type of bacterial infection.  The specific bacteria most responsible for causing cavities is Streptococcus Mutans.  This bacterium is present in every mouth on the planet.  Parents [...]

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