Young adults are particularly vulnerable to the marketing machine being deployed by DIY orthodontics companies. Not every adult is willing to wear braces. This is when the marketing of the DIY aligner trays can be dangerously enticing. However, tooth movement is both an art and a science that requires the proper diagnosis and supervision to bear the correct fruit at the end of treatment.  And, for younger growing patients, “growth spurt waste” is a huge consideration as there is no second chance for proper treatment when the growth engine of puberty expires.

Every little thing in orthodontic treatment plays an important part toward your smile.

From your orthodontic evaluation and record gathering, to diagnosis, fitting your orthodontic equipment, and supervision and execution of smile development every part of orthodontic treatment plays an important role in the final outcome.

The evaluation is important for generating a rapport between the doctor and patient/family while assessing the need for treatment and appropriate approaches to provide orthodontic care. 

Diagnosis reveals the specific details that are particular to an individual patient.  And, make no mistake, every patient is a unique individual with a unique grouping of problems and characteristics.

Installation of appliances is a delicate and technique-sensitive art form.  Every tooth is a slightly different shape with different gum characteristics nearby.  Arch shape, jaw line shape, smile position inside the lips and bone architecture all must be considered.

Lastly, the execution of the tooth movement is different for all people.  Careful and thoughtful consideration of the order of movements and steps required to execute everything efficiently is akin to a chess player thinking about 4 or 5 moves after the one that is currently being made.  This is not a trifling matter and it is our objective to make sure each one of our patients has the best outcome with the least difficulty required to achieve it.

We humbly disagree with the consideration that this can be a patient’s responsibility.

It’s not just about a better smile.

Your orthodontist underwent years of rigorous study and training to develop the skills to do what is described above with skill and confidence no matter what situation an individual patient brings to the dental chair.  The care provided by your orthodontist is influenced by myriad considerations.  Our orthodontists are confident they can translate a patient’s chief concern and produce the smile of a lifetime.

Our orthodontists take pride in thoughtfully gathering information including patient chief concerns and executing the steps outlined above to make orthodontic treatment a wonderful experience.  We know everyone is super excited about that last day in braces when they all come off.  But, it is our solemn goal as board-certified providers of orthodontic treatment that the experience is somehow almost as rewarding and fulfilling as the outcome.

The best policy is consulting an orthodontist.

The first visit, or an orthodontist evaluation, is usually free. We encourage you to give us a call to set up your individualized orthodontic consultation with either Dr. Ari or Dr. AJ.  They look forward to meeting with you to discuss your goals and how to best achieve them.  We know we can provide immense value that a DIY solution can’t come close to offering.  Give us a call today!

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