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It’s Mouthguard Season – Sort of…


Sports give our kids something to get up for in the mornings. The highest risk of mouth injury comes during participation in basketball, football, hockey, martial arts, and boxing. While many sports are not operating at full capacity during the pandemic, the governor has recently opened up opportunities for more sports to resume practice and [...]

It’s Mouthguard Season – Sort of…2020-09-10T15:50:45+00:00

Teething – What You Need To Know


Teething is both a joyous (developmental milestone) and anxious (complicates feeding and new responsibilities for parents) time for parents. Babies can have a hard time with this developmental milestone, and they often bite, cry, struggle to eat and sometimes have a higher temperature than usual. Oh, and the drooling. These are signs that your baby [...]

Teething – What You Need To Know2020-09-03T15:57:47+00:00

How to Help Your Child with Tooth Sensitivity


Kids with tooth sensitivity can have diminished enthusiasm for food or even difficulty eating. It’s sad when they hesitate to eat or drink, especially at school or in public when experiencing pain might embarrass them. It’s not just food that can trigger tooth sensitivity: sudden changes in temperature can also cause pain. And many younger [...]

How to Help Your Child with Tooth Sensitivity2020-08-18T16:52:05+00:00

A Child’s Dental Health Starts During Mom’s Pregnancy


We’re sure many of you have either experienced or heard stories of mom’s dental health being effected by their pregnancies. Is that just from some of mom’s calcium being redirected to the baby? Is it something pregnant women just have to accept as part of pregnancy? The answer is no. Here is some information about [...]

A Child’s Dental Health Starts During Mom’s Pregnancy2020-08-11T20:33:26+00:00

Top Myths About Orthodontics


Many of our orthodontics patients and parents of patients tell us when they begin learning more about orthodontic care and proper growth and development that they are surprised by some of the things they hear. Reasons for treatment, timing and technique are common areas of enlightenment and our doctors and staff are happy to share [...]

Top Myths About Orthodontics2020-08-04T17:22:57+00:00

Is Sparkling Water Bad For Teeth?


Sparkling water is carbonated to achieve that fizz you love, and carbonated drinks have more acid than water. But sparkling water is safe to consume in normal volumes. Acid in large quantities can be bad for your teeth but rest assured that sparkling water is always a better option in comparison to sugary drinks. If [...]

Is Sparkling Water Bad For Teeth?2020-07-28T16:06:01+00:00

Our Top 5 Tips for Caring for Baby Teeth


Baby teeth first appear in your child’s mouth around 6 months of age, and the last of them typically fall out around 12 years old. Because they are around for many years, it’s important to maintain their health and function. Baby teeth help your child chew food, and they are also important for speech, esthetics, [...]

Our Top 5 Tips for Caring for Baby Teeth2020-07-21T14:26:14+00:00

How to Help Your Teen Maintain Proper Dental Health


Teens are more independent and their schedules are typically jam packed with school, sports and social activities. Parents tell us all the time how much harder it is to keep track of their kids hygiene and activities of daily living once the teen years begin. We want to help our parents continue to positively impact [...]

How to Help Your Teen Maintain Proper Dental Health2020-07-14T15:31:12+00:00



To our beloved patients and their families, We are finishing up our 4th week of providing pediatric dentistry and orthodontic services in the time of COVID-19. We want to take a moment to say a big THANK YOU to all our patients and parents. We have been overwhelmed with your understanding and patience during this time as [...]

THANK YOU2020-06-26T22:18:47+00:00

Our Reopening Plan and Procedure


Welcome back!  We are genuinely thrilled to have the approval of the Governor of the State of Michigan to reopen our doors.  It has been a long wait and we have greatly missed the opportunity to serve as your trusted pediatric dentist and/or orthodontist. We are excited to announce that we will begin seeing patients [...]

Our Reopening Plan and Procedure2020-05-29T20:46:58+00:00
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