National Tooth Fairy Day was August 22, 2021. Like a lot of families across Michigan, your nighttime tooth fairy routine probably involves tucking a tooth under a pillow. There are many interesting tooth loss traditions around the world. For instance, in East Africa, some children even throw their tooth up on the roof for a little bird to take it away. If you’re looking for some fun ideas, here are some ways to make the tooth fairy visit extra special.

Fairy Dust on Your Tooth Money

Do you have hairspray or glitter anywhere? Simply spray and sprinkle a crisp bill to create fairy-glitter money.

Under the Pillow Alternatives

If you’re worried about losing a tooth before the tooth fairy can even get to it, the old glass of water trick works great. Just set it next to the window and put the tooth inside. The tooth fairy will appreciate the fluoride application the lost tooth received from the glass of water.

Or if you prefer, get a special tooth pillow with a small pocket, which holds the tooth especially for the tooth fairy and is only used on certain occasions. Another option is to have a small ceramic bowl or special box to put the tooth in. Your child can re-purpose it one day for their own family if they like!

A Special Note or Receipt for Your Child

Nothing says official like a printed receipt or hand-written note to your child from the tooth fairy. Feel free to compliment them on how well they’ve been brushing, or that they might want to floss a little more often!

Tooth Photo Album

Each time your child loses a tooth, have them pose for a quick photo (tooth in hand, if they have it). The bigger the smile, the better! Keep their special tooth photos in their own small album that you add to as they grow.

Have Tooth Fairy Questions?

Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan has a direct contact with the tooth fairy, so we know all the going rates these days. Request your child’s next checkup with us to learn more.

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