Do you want a discreet, more efficient alternative to traditional metal braces? Are you interested in a shorter duration of orthodontic treatment time with less appointments? It may be time to consider clear 3D-printed brackets provided by our orthodontists from LightForce Orthodontics.

How Do Clear 3D Brackets Work?

These cosmetic braces are customized by your orthodontist to fit your unique smile. We design custom ceramic braces on the computer using 3D visualization and a 3D printing process. By scanning your teeth and capturing a perfect digital replica of your mouth using our LIDAR camera, LightForce allows our orthodontists to plan a very specific tooth movement plan and virtual representation of what your smile will look like at the conclusion of treatment.

As an added bonus, the 3D printed braces are made of ceramic and these clear brackets are much less noticeable when you’re smiling and talking.

Unique Installation Process

Once approved, LightForce will manufacture your braces and deliver them in a special, 3D printed custom bonding tray. This way, we can place them in the desired location exactly as we designed them on the computer. This makes installation quicker and extremely accurate, as hand-eye placement is not necessary.

Why LightForce Brackets are Different

Traditional orthodontic brackets were the best we had until 2021. Traditional brackets are not personalized for every patient until the orthodontist does all of the customization movements chairside (through bracket placement and wire design). While traditional braces are still extremely useful, the prescription we have built into them does not target patient specific problems as well as a custom bracket can.

By building customization into the brackets, the wires we install as your orthodontic treatment progresses can be more flexible and begin working much sooner on some of the more challenging aspects of the treatment. By getting involved with correction of the more challenging movements sooner, treatment time can be shortened and become more comfortable as the high flexibility memory wires are gentler on the teeth than stainless steel wires we have to use more often to finish treatment with traditional braces.

Removable clear aligner systems, like Invisalign, also use digital mapping and treatment planning. But sometimes our patients need the assurance of fixed bracket systems for more significant tooth movement, or when factors like age and personality type may interfere with keeping up with removable trays. As LightForce is virtually mapped out, the accuracy and planning experience is streamlined, providing the best of both worlds – a highly customized appliance without as much patient responsibility.

Are They Right for My Family?

LightForce is the only 3D-printed, cosmetic brace company of its kind, and we’re happy to offer it right here at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan. Dr. AJ Ker was the first orthodontist in the state of Michigan to offer these custom braces and has completed many continuing education courses on the efficient and effective use of this system. Patients of all ages may qualify for these revolutionary experience in orthodontics.

Reserve a consultation today to discuss your options for orthodontic treatment to see if this system for orthodontic treatment is best for you or your child.