Keep your smile healthy longer by making a few simple changes in your daily oral care habits next year. It’s not as hard as you might imagine. These easy tips will help you improve your gum and tooth health without any drastic lifestyle changes.

Rinse Your Mouth Out With Water After Meals, Snacks, or Non-Water Drinks

Rinse your mouth with water right after you eat or drink to:

  • Remove food debris
  • Reduce bad breath bacteria
  • Limit plaque buildup
  • Minimize tooth stain
  • Cut back on acid erosion
  • Neutralize any acid from food or drink to help reminaralize enamel

Clean Between Your Teeth Once a Day, Minimum

A toothbrush cannot reach between your teeth. Flossing does. Unfortunately, a lot of people really dislike flossing or don’t make this a daily habit. A water flosser can be a great way to clean these spaces instead. Just aim the water flosser between your teeth and trace along the gumlines.

You can also purchase floss picks to keep in your car or drawer at work. They don’t work as effectively as water flossers, but they’re great while you’re out and about.

Treat Cavities ASAP

Cavities should be treated immediately, even if they don’t cause pain, to prevent them from spreading to other teeth or into the tooth nerve where a root canal would be required to prevent tooth loss.

Start Using Reusable Straws

Use a straw when you drink non-water liquids. Straws send liquids straight past your top front teeth, cutting back on stains, buildup, and cavities in your “smile zone.” This is a great tip for keeping sugary acidic drinks away from the front surfaces of your upper front teeth. No one likes staining in the esthetic zone.

Change Your Brushing Method

A better toothbrush will help you enjoy a healthier smile and gums. Soft bristles should be your first choice. It’s also a great idea to switch to an electric toothbrush if you don’t already have one.

Book Checkups Ahead of Time

Schedule your checkup and cleaning in advance, so that you won’t lose track of time or forget about them until it’s too late.

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