Having healthy teeth impacts your Thanksgiving holidays more than you probably realized. Here are just a few of the great gifts we get to enjoy when we have a healthy smile:

Smiling Around Your Family
A healthy smile can give you self-confidence and the freedom to laugh or smile whenever you want. Whether you’re smiling when you see a family member you only see once a year at Thanksgiving or posting a picture on social media to share the story of your holiday gathering with those that can’t be there in person, a big beautiful smile goes a long way toward telling the story of your life.

Photos With Grandparents
Whether your family gets together once a month or once every few years, the holidays always call for candid photos between generations and loved ones. When your teeth are healthy and bright, you’ll help make a lasting memory that is sure to find itself framed on grandma’s table or on her cell phone background. And trust us, you’ll notice as you look back on your photos over the years!

More Time for Black Friday Shopping
Don’t let unexpected dental treatments eat into your family’s budget. When your bite and smile is at its healthiest, you’re at a statistically lower risk of toothaches, extra treatments, or needing to take time away from your schedule for additional appointments. That means more time (and a slightly thicker wallet) for gift shopping. Prevention is always the best medicine so stay up to date with your check-ups and see the orthodontist by age 7 to screen for brewing problems to make sure treatments stay minimal and less complex.

Extra Flair for the Holidays
Have a kid or teen in braces? Be sure to time your band changes with the holidays! Whether you want fall colors or traditional red and green for Christmas or a cool winter blue color to match your love of snow sports, Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan will help you get your orthodontic elastic band selection just right.

Eat Whatever You Want
Cavity-free, aligned teeth are important for eating and good digestion. That means you can say “yes” to turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, corn on the cob, and the occasional peanut brittle (just promise to brush after!). With a healthy smile, you won’t have to skip any of your holiday favorites.

Limited Holiday Appointments are Still Available
Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan still has limited availability for children’s checkups over the holiday break. Call our office today to reserve a checkup or orthodontic consultation! When school is out it’s a great time to visit the dentist or get orthodontic treatment started so there is time to get used to your new braces.