Summer brings extra free time throughout the day, as well as yummy summer snacks that you and your family don’t normally eat at other times of the year. Classic examples include snow cones, popsicles, and frozen slushes. While these items are OK in moderation, they are heavy in sugar and are typically consumed by themselves without food that may offset some of the effects of acid and sugar.  Here are some healthy everyday summer snack ideas that your family can enjoy while feeling good about eating them. 

Frozen Grapes 

When this fresh fruit is frozen, it transforms into a crunchy-soft texture. It almost looks like a mini-popsicle! They’re ideal for having on hand after a hot day at the pool, or for keeping partially thawed in your cooler on a trip. Just make sure that if your children eat them, they are old enough to pay close attention and not choke. 

Frozen Yogurt  

Yogurt is high in calcium, which is beneficial to your child’s teeth and bones. According to research, the pH of the yogurt helps reduce the amount of active cavity-causing bacteria. By freezing yogurt tubes, you can make a dessert that tastes almost exactly like ice cream but without the added hassle or mess. Parents and children both like it. You can also freeze them and put them in lunch boxes knowing they’ll thaw out before it’s time to eat by lunch time. 

Fresh Iced Tea 

Nothing says summer like a refreshing glass of iced tea. Making your own tea and flavoring it with things like mint leaves or peach slices keeps your child’s drink sugar-free and guilt-free, allowing them to drink as much as they like.  Just be careful with the caffeine if your child is already high energy! 

At Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan, we want our patients to understand that the food they eat on a daily basis has an impact on the health of their teeth. There are plenty of delicious foods kids can eat without sacrificing the best health of their smiles.  

Ask the team at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan about healthy snack foods during your next visit for more ideas!