UPDATE: Our tentative re-opening date is Monday, June 1, 2020.

Our office is temporarily closed in response to the stay at home order issued by Governor Whitmer. As of now, all dental service offices are mandated to stay closed. Due to the uncertainty of the current public health situation and unknowns about when the Governor will lift the dentistry closure mandate, we are not currently able to reschedule appointments. Please do not call or email to reschedule at this time as we will not be able to assist you yet.

If you had a special longer appointment that was cancelled due to the mandatory closure for non-routine dental or orthodontic care (fillings, adding more braces, starting orthodontic treatment) we will be calling you in order to reschedule those appointments as our re-opening date approaches. We will then send out an email alerting those that had shorter, routine appointments (dental cleanings, monthly orthodontic adjustments) cancelled that we are open to rescheduling.

We do have a doctor on call to handle the truest of emergencies. Please call our office 586-286-0700 and follow the prompts.

You may send an email for the following: pediatric dental or orthodontic concerns that are non-emergent, an orthodontic patient in need of elastics or wax, or wanting to make a monthly payment.   Our email is info@mychildsteeth.com.   We will get back to you when someone is in the office.

A special note to our orthodontic patients in retainers. Due to the shut down all orthodontic labs are closed as well and we are unable to make replacement retainers. PLEASE keep your retainers in their cases and in safe places out of reach of pets.

Thank you so much for your patience with us during this difficult time. We do have many plans in place for how we will handle re-opening the office to make it a safe and convenient experience for you and your family. Please stay safe everyone.