The entire team at Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan pride ourselves in our personal approach to dental and orthodontic care. For both “sides” of our office, pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, we make a point to provide personal consultations with our doctors for evaluation and treatment explanation appointments.

Believe it or not, this is not the norm in the dental industry. However, we feel so strongly about the personal relationships we create with our patient families that our doctors hold aside special time to educate, explain, and support our patients as they undergo more complex treatment plans.

Our pediatric dentists, Dr. Curt, Dr. Mak, Dr. Jeff, Dr. Renee, and Dr. Elizabeth, will privately consult with parents reviewing exam findings, explaining x-rays, and discussing proposed treatments to address any dental needs.

Our resident orthodontists, Dr. Ari and Dr. AJ, perform both evaluation and consultations directly with patients and parents. Our team of assistants and scheduling coordinators will help along the way, but the entire explanation of any diagnosis and the details of a treatment plan will always be personally delivered by your doctor.

Our unique approach

Parents and kids have questions, and we can answer those questions. Our doctors know every tiny detail of your child’s dental and orthodontic history. We make detailed notes about examination visits and treatment plans and experience joy in sharing this information with parents and patients. Many parents have expressed to us over the years how different this is from other dental and orthodontic experiences they’ve had and how much they learn during the process.

Ultimately, we want you to know and feel how important successful treatment of you or your child is to us. By explaining the diagnosis, outlining the solution and treatment plan, and getting to know each other well before starting treatment, we feel we create a family centered environment where trust is the bedrock and optimal outcomes are the expectation.

This personal, direct contact means your treatment is exactly what you need

Many parents’ concerns about the cost of dental and orthodontic treatments are valid. Because of our direct consultations, you and your child will know exactly what we are aiming to address and what it will take to do it. There may be options and they will be explained to you clearly and often with animated videos so you can properly understand your options.

Costs will vary depending upon the treatment. Many orthodontic problems only need limited treatment, for instance, and some patients are candidates for clear aligner treatment and some are not. As parents and patients make the decision of how to go about treatment, we want to field your relevant questions to allow you to make an informed decision.

Ultimately, we want everyone that comes into our office to feel that they are treated as an individual and not a numbered patient. Part of developing the trust of the community over the past 50 years has involved doing the little, special things. We truly believe this is what makes the relationship we share with our patients and their parents successful and enduring.

We are excited to do the work we are doing in the community and we look forward to working closely side by side with your families during the process. We know that it will make a huge difference for your experience in pediatric dental or orthodontic care.

About Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan, the offices of Drs. Plunkett, Ralstrom, Makowski, Thanasas, Ker, and Associates

Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontic Specialists of Michigan have specialized in pediatric dentistry and orthodontics since 1968. Our family-friendly and newly renovated office gives patients and families a more comfortable and consistent experience with dentistry from the very beginning. Our pediatric dentists treat children from newborn to 18 years of age while our orthodontists provide care for both children and adults and are proud to be Premier Providers of Invisalign and Invisalign Teen services. The ability to treat all patients with compassion and individuality, including those that may have special needs reaches beyond our facility, which has treatment rooms available for children who require additional privacy and customized care options.  We pioneered valued hospital affiliations to allow dental services to be performed at DMC Children’s Hospital and St. John Macomb Hospital, when appropriate or necessary, and our specialists are also proud to be on staff at Henry Ford and Beaumont hospitals.

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