Surprising Treats That Dentists See as Enemies

Surprising Treats That Dentists See as Enemies

Not all candies are the same. In fact, we like chocolate! It melts, it’s gone in a second, and if it’s dark chocolate, it’s got other benefits for growing kids and adults alike!  

But if you ask us to name what food and drink items we absolutely frown upon, the following items would be on the list. This list can be surprising because some of these items are often deemed harmless and some of them are associated with healthy choices.

Here is the list:

Sports and energy drinks are very acidic while being loaded with sugar at the same time. Read the ingredients. All those citric acids and flavors and syrup do no good for your child except to flavor the drink, making it delicious and possibly addicting to kids. For energy, let your child eat something meaty and starchy instead. Beef jerkies and bananas would be great alternatives. 

Protein bars. Speaking of burgers, better to eat burgers or a nice steak than protein bars, whichare also full of sugar. Dish up eggs, seafood, or chicken for a nice serving of lean protein.  We realize there is a convenience factor to packaging protein in a to-go format but you could also have turkey pepperoni or lunch meat just as easily without all the sugar.

Crackers and chips.As much as our children love Goldfish, crackers and chips are carbs that turn into sugar as we eat them, and they get packed between teeth quite easily and stay there until we brush and floss… or at least dilute by swishing them away with a mouthful of water.

Many of these foods are not completely avoidable and we don’t even think they should be completely avoided.  However, it is important to teach your kids to drink water to hopefully knock stray crumbs and mushy pieces away from molars and between teeth when they aren’t home to brush after eating these foods.  

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